Community Engagement Fund

The Community Engagement Fund (CEF) is a corporate giving program that will allow Park Community Credit Union (Park) the opportunity to make investments in social good programs; a form of corporate philanthropy that facilitates charitable giving to nonprofit causes.

The CEF will assist in aligning company resources — including employee engagement (skills and volunteerism) and financial capacity pertaining to community branding and monetary support.

It is our goal to bring all efforts into a more streamlined process by filtering all financial support, employee speaking engagement, financial education resources and corporate volunteer opportunities request into a defined decision-making process.

Applications will attain information that can be used to aid in funding decisions, determine future partnerships with organizations, and provide important information that will assist in the overall strategic decision-making process, branding and community impact.

The data captured will provide important reportable information that can help capture impressions and needed data to gain understanding on our investments within all communities we serve.

Internally, the CEF will provide information that can enhance employee recruitment, retention, productivity and engagement by aligning with organizations that positively impact the communities’ employees live, work and play in. Externally, the CEF will work to improve member loyalty, reputation, brand awareness and overall community image.

Please review the CEF Guidelines before applying.